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Our Mission

Raise equity & debt capital (USD$100K - 10M) for blue economy enterprises in Asia-Pacific

Here's how...


Local partners refer SMEs to our BlueImpact Team. We then conduct an Eligibility Review...

Are you a commercial-ready enterprise in the blue economy of Asia-Pacific, seeking USD$100k - $10m for growth & sustainability?


We sign a program agreement, committing both parties to a capital-raising plan, with compensation to BlueImpact purely on a success basis.



Next, we gather all project documents to conduct a Bankability Review

How can we work together to improve the investment proposition?

We refer you to your BlueImpact Academy, a community of experts, to advise on improving your project.



Once your project is deemed Investment-Ready, it is listed on our secure platform, with documents accessible only by qualified investors.

How is the relationship then built and managed?

We contact investors directly on your behalf, setting up private calls and meetings for you. Coaching with experts continues as the team helps you improve your presentation skills for pitch events.



Raising capital is a Journey...

We assist investors to perform due diligence and negotiate terms with you.

If appropriate:

Your project may be included with others in a structured offering, with blended finance by our multi-lateral bank partners to de-risk the proposition for private investors.


We work as your partners to help achieve your capital goals, paving the way for a sustainable blue economy.