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BlueDeals raises capital & coordinates support for impactful enterprises in the blue economy of developing nations. 

Ocean Assets Academy offers a network of experts to help you get ready to meet investors.

Choose Basic or Premium Program

for Investment Readiness.

Success fee is paid by the project

based on capital from our investors.

Start by completing the Application Form.

Architecture Model Sketching

4 Steps


Meet Criteria

  1. Raising $200k -$10m​

  2. Main activity in the Blue Economy

  3. Generating Positive Impact

  4. Operations in Asia-Pacific

  5. Commercial-ready




  1. Fill in Project Profile

  2. Sign Service Agreement

  3. Upload current documents (Project, Group, Financials)

Are you a commercial-ready enterprise in the blue economy seeking >$200k for sustainable growth in the Global South? Complete the Application form.
If you meet Eligibility Criteria, choose either the
Basic or Premium Program...
and begin!

Prepare & Get Listed

  •  See BlueImpact Evaluation

  • Contact coaches & trainings endorsed by BI Academy to improve investment readiness


Meet Investors!

  • Engage with investors, introduced by BI team, promoted on website & via pitch events

  • Pay only for success: Fee is solely imposed on capital derived from BI indtroductions

Follow the steps:
Basic: DIY preparation
Premium: Active support
List your project on our digital platform
Connect with investors! 
Communicate directly
with investors via
our digital platform,
direct calls and pitch events
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