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BlueDeals raises capital & coordinates support for impactful enterprises in the blue economy of developing nations. 

Ocean Assets Academy offers a network of experts to help you get ready to meet investors.

A standard 5% success fee is paid by the project

based on capital from our investors.

Start by completing the Application Form.

 If you meet basic Eligibility Criteria (Step 1 below), we conduct a Bankability Review & Recommendations for your offering. 

Value: $250 - waived until Dec 1, 2023


Architecture Model Sketching

4 Steps


Meet Criteria

  1. Raising $200k -$10m​

  2. Main activity in the Blue Economy

  3. Generating Positive Impact

  4. Operations in Asia-Pacific

  5. Commercial-ready




  1. Fill in Project Profile

  2. Sign Service Agreement

  3. Upload current documents (Project, Group, Financials)

Are you a commercial-ready enterprise in the blue economy seeking <$10m for sustainable growth in the Global South? Complete the Application form.
If you meet Eligibility Criteria, we conduct a Bankability Review & Recommendations of your offering.
Fee: $250, waived until Dec 1, 2023

Sign & Prepare

  •  See BlueImpact Evaluation

  • Contact coaches & trainings endorsed by BI Academy to improve investment readiness


Meet Investors!

  • Engage with investors, introduced by BI team, promoted on website & via pitch events

  • Pay only for success: Fee is solely imposed on capital derived from BI indtroductions

If you are accepted, we agree to an initial 6-months of BlueDeals service covering Readiness, Consulting & Investor Engagement
We represent you to qualified investors seeking impact & financial returns
Rock Formations on the Beach

Register your project!

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