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Dark Ocean

Ocean Assets Group

Experts in Blue Economy Investment

Offering 3 Programs

Blue Deals:  Matching lenders with Blue Economy enterprises in the Global South

        + ADB Portal: SME Blue Impact Asia

Investment Readiness: Helping enterprises develop bankable offerings for impact investors   

Research:  Strategies to attract Blue investment for nations, regions, development banks


BlueDeals is a capital introduction service for SMEs in the Blue Economy of Asia & Africa.

Supported by multilateral banks & partners who share this mission, including:

SME BlueImpact Asia is the Asian Development Bank portal on BlueDeals

Click on the appropriate role below to register on the BlueDeals platform.

Register if you meet 4 criteria:​

  • Commercial-ready

  • Blue Economy sector

  • Raising $0.5-10M

  • Create positive impacts in Asia /Africa

Register if you:

  • Manage capital

  • Seek financial returns

  • Seek impact returns for ocean health & coastal communities

Register if you:

  • Provide services

  • Provide expertise

  • Develop policies

that support blue growth

Our Reports

Ocean Assets Institute, our non-profit research group,

has authored & participated in these important initiatives

Meet the Team

Advisors & Experts

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