Ocean Assets Institute is a registered, non-profit association based in Switzerland.

Our Mission is to drive capital to solutions

for healthy oceans & resilient coastlines.

D. Michael Adams
Founder & CEO

Michael established Ocean Assets Institute (OAI) in 2015, directing his 30-year career in finance to speed the transition to sustainability in the maritime sectors.​ He is active on several research groups for sustainable maritime finance and is a frequent guest speaker and columnist. Michael began his career by founding The Journal of Investing in 1987 and Pedigree Investments Ltd in 1992.  He raised capital and structured for alternative investments until 2010, when he became active in sustainable finance. Michael and his family lived in the Bahamas (2006-9) where they funded coral reef studies and participated in several marine ecosystem initiatives with Friends of the Environment. Michael holds a MSc Business Policy from Columbia University, and a BA from Bates College.​

Nicola Lei Ravello
Quantitative Analysis

Nicola handles quantitative research on blue economy issues and strategies. He also runs his own sustainable research firm, White Stag Investing, which generates research on ESG issues and opportunities in the water sector. Since 2012, he has been a quantitative investment analyst for investment fund managers. He started covering sustainable finance independently and engaging with the finance community on how to recognize sustainability as a long-term source of value. Nicola's quantitative and writing skills give unique depth to his research, with practical tools for investors seeking value from sustainability.  He holds a BSc in Economics from HEC Lausanne and a MSc in Finance from the University of Zürich.